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Human Rights Protection

Protection Of Human Rights

. To remove hunger and poverty and work for the protection of the environment, relief work, health work, and protection of human rights.

  • b. To create awareness around an issue will gear more momentum for change to protect human rights.
  • c. To encounter discrimination, and the most important thing each of us can do is say something don’t let it slip by. And when you see someone         else stand up, stand with them! when we have each other as support, we are more empowered against injustices.

  • d. To work on various Human Rights issues throughout the country, including communal violence, access to justice, individuals at risk, gender-            based violence, Human Rights Education, Business and Human Rights, and reducing excessive Pre-trial detention.

  • e.  To protect and promote children’s Rights in the form of grant-making, capacity building, community mobilization, network and alliance building, influencing child-friendly policies, resource organization, and nodal agencies that allow for greater outreach on a smaller scale.

  • f. To target the areas of Child Protection, Health and Nutrition, education, disaster risk reduction, humanitarian responce and child poverty.

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